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"Out of the box, Squarespace is friendlier on many aspects of SEO than Wordpress" Source Moz.com

At Bespoke and Digital, we have chosen to work with Squarespace because we believe it to be more friendly for both small startups and larger established companies. Squarespace is a website building Content Management System (CMS). A popular website building platform designed to be used by a wide number of people.  

All Squarespace websites we create are 100% SEO ready and user-friendly for our clients

Let us create your next website for your business, blog or portfolio. We will work with you all the way to ensure your vision and branding message is met all the way. We will also ensure that you and your team are trained fully, allowing you and your team to have full control of your website upon completion.  

Our Squarespace Wed Design Arsenal 

  • Squarespace Web Design Know how: We have been creating Squarespace websites for people throughout the UK and Europe since 2016, and have worked on projects of all types and sizes. We know each client has their own story, branding style and message they want integrated into their web design. It is for this reason that we always take a fresh approach for each new project we work on.
  • SEO Ready Guarantee: Along with designing our clients modern and slick websites, we pride ourselves in ensuring each website we hand over is 100% SEO ready and fully integrated. This includes SEO friendly URLs, Meta Descriptions, Title Descriptions, Google Analytics and Webmaster integration, Inbound Links from High Authority Directories, Keyword Optimised and On/Off Page Optimised. 
  • Squarespace Website Management Service: Furthermore, we can offer additional management for your Squarespace website, taking charge of our clients ongoing SEO, Content Management, Back Link Strategies and Site Authority. Allowing them to continue with their daily responsibilities of running their business, knowing we are building your online presence and converting traffic to sales with the online side to their business.

Benefits Of Squarespace 

 Benefits of Squarespace | SEO Squarespace Agency London

Squarespace is an invaluable and cost effective tool for engaging consumers and increasing traffic and interest. Once each website is completed and handed over to you, Squarespace offers an easy-to-use interface so all our clients can easily take control of their own content, posts and updates.  To find out more about Squarespace, visit their Squarespace page here

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