SEO Site Audit Checklist 2018

SEO site audit reporting

How to improve your sites SEO and determine your competitors weaknesses. Here I have designed a easy to understand SEO site audit checklist that you can take away with you and use at your convenience. Including Off-page / On-page Optimization & Competitor Analysis Reporting.

Why is a SEO site audit checklist so important?

Because it covers a fixed set of questions you need answering in order to understand your websites strengths, as well as your competitors. Using a checklist will also allow you to monitor your findings over a period, and analyse to strategy's moving forward. 

 SEO Site Audit Checklist 2017

What is an seo site audit?

An SEO Audit gives you the opportunity to find any weak links within your SEO optimization patterns. Allowing you to fix and improve all issues found easily and quickly. Helping you to better your competitors and ranking higher on search engines. 

Find my SEO Audit Checklist PDF here. Simply download the guide and get under way!

On-page Optimization

Title tags, H1 & H2 tags, Meta descriptions, Keyword density, Image alt tags, Internal links, Sitemap, Website structure, Structured URLs, Structured data.  

Off-page Optimization

Webmaster tools, Google analytics, Directories, Forums, Press releases, Guest blog posting, Social networking, Photo sharing, RSS feeds, Videos.

Competitor Analysis

Page ranking, Backlinks, Website crawl, Keywording, Website speed, Active blog posts,

Listed above is a rough example of the issues addressed on the audit.  Don't forget to download my SEO Site Audit Checklist PDF file here. For more information on SEO, checkout my SEO Best Practice 2017 Here! 

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