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Use social media to boost seo

So as everybody knows, having a beautiful website and great content is all a bit pointless if no one can find it. The same goes for your excellent services or product offerings, if no one knows you are there, then your talents go wasted.

Obviously SEO is a huge factor in getting traffic to your site, but this takes time and a lot of tweaking to find your fit within your competitive field. Especially if you are new to online marketing. Sure Pay Per Click (PPC) helps in getting early traffic diverted to your pages, but unless you are able to get immediate conversion returns, it can be a costly process.

So what are the benefits of social media for SEO experts? How can social media help? Here's my top 4 tips! 


 Boost seo with social media channels 

1. Direct traffic and indirect links for stronger SEO

It goes without saying that popular stories or articles on the largest social media sites can bring a huge amount of traffic for a brand or websites exposure. But for SEO the main benefit is in its indirect links. The social media sites themselves don't always provide much link juice (especially if you have just started out). But many publishers and webmasters look to social media sites for references, which results in editorial backlinks that help improve authority and ranking. Backlinks play a massive part in building your sites authority and climbing the ranks on search engine pages.

2. Quicker Indexing

Social media sites are crawled frequently by search engines. As a result, any links on them will be discovered by search bots and indexed much more quickly. So when you do decide on a title for your page, it needs to be effective both both social media, and search pages. You can learn more on that here - What title to use when blogging.

 boost seo with social media hashtag

3. Increased Audience Through Hashtags

Hashtags are a crucial part of social media marketing. There must be millions of them scattered in the realms of the hashtag world. For both people and businesses, hashtags help increase engagement, making your content more discoverable, and allows you to find relevant content from other publishers. Here my rules of engagement when it comes to hashtags:

  • Keep it simple. The hastag needs to be short and easy to read. It also needs to be what your potential readers would be searching for. For an example (#onlinemarketing) would be searched much more then (#webseointernetmarketing) which i'm guessing would rarely be searched.
  • Use trending tags - Keep an eye out for trending hashtags. If you find something that is relevant to your business or topic, use it when posting your article to that social media channel. It will greatly boost your posts audience. If the hook is right and the post appealing, you will see an increase of traffic visiting your post and site.
  • Use hashtags to find out what other people are righting about. See how good their content is and how they are trying to hook readers into viewing their articles. 

4. Memes

Share your articles on social media using memes. They greatly increase shares, likes and engagement compared to a standard text with link. Once you have finished your article, design three memes with three different quotes from that post. I usually use Photoshop or Canva. To increase your audience even further you can now post the same article three times. Using a different meme and hook for each post but all directing the readers to the same blog post. This way it doesn't look like spam, and the reader is still being directed to an article of interest to them. Add in your hashtags, and you have the ability to find more viewers, followers and shares.

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