Improve Site Ranking On SERPS

When it comes to improving your Page Rank on search engines like Google, usually the first thing that comes to mind is keywords. In truth, their is more to improving your Page Rank then this alone. It’s is all very well optimising your pages content and metadata with key phrases, but what else can we do to greatly improve Page Rank? 

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Boost SEO With Social Media

So as everybody knows, having a beautiful website and great content is all a bit pointless if no one can find it. The same goes for your excellent service or product offerings, if no one know you are there, then your talents go wasted. This is how social media can help!

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SEOPaul NealSocial Media
SEO Site Audit Checklist 2018

How to improve your sites SEO and determine your competitors weaknesses. Here I have designed a easy to understand SEO audit checklist that you can take away with you and use at your convenience. Including Off-page / On-page SEO & Competitor Analysis Reporting.

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