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SEO Practices For Organic Search Results

'SEO stands for "search engine optimization." It is the process of getting traffic from the "free," "organic," editorial" or natural" search results on search engines. Source

Bespoke and Digital SEO consulting services give your website a strong competitive advantage in organic search results. We look at your on-page optimisation, link development strategies, and study your competition in order to create and customize your SEO package based around your specific needs and budget.

Our search engine optimization services can take you from start to finish. We'll work with you to create a common sense strategy, help to understand your competitors, and show you which keywords are most important to target to achieve success. 

Proven techniques to SEO

By allowing us to utilize our SEO expertise, we will be able to improve your online business in a number of ways. Improve engagement and ranking, increase content depth to existing pages for SEO purposes, improve site speed and build trust from your potential customers. Remember, Google only Loves you when everyone else loves you first

Our SEO Consultation Arsenal

  • SEO Strategy Development: Implementing the right practices for your businesses online success is a task that can not be taken lightly. We with valuate your page rankings for authority and keyword punch. Through thorough investigation of the bullet points listed below, we will come up with a winning SEO strategy that will work for your business needs.  
  • SEO Audits: A standard procedure for any online business that is serious about surviving. We will get to the nuts and bolts of your web pages. Giving you better insight into your website, individual pages and overall traffic. Our SEO audit includes the following: Technical analysis, On-page analysis, Off-page analysis, and, Competitive analysis and keyword research.
  • Keyword Research and Analysis: A strong keyword analysis is the secret to any solid SEO campaign. Using the latest tools, we can determine the strengths of each key-word and long/short-tail phrases for you field vs your competitors. From here we are able to brainstorm and determine potential key-wording for your businesses pages, making it easier for you to rank higher on search engines.   
  • Competitive Analysis: By undergoing a competitor analysis for your competitors ranking at the top spots on SERPs, we can determine their weaknesses, realize keyword strengths for your pages, and gain valuable insight into where you need to sit within your market to reach #1. Some of these weakness we could find our broken links, redirect pages. incorrect use of meta descriptions, H1 and H2 headings, site speed and much more. 
  • Link Building: It doesn't matter which site has the most links, but which site has the best quality links pointing back to their website. We build back links for our clients through submitting monthly press releases to exciting company's, and contacting bloggers in their niche to see how we can work together to get a back link from their site. We can work as your digital Pr through this! It is also vital to create graphics or newsorthy content that will influence bloggers and news websites to link your content. 
  • Site Redesign Recommendations: As you'll already know, SEO is obviously a huge part in your online business. But with that said, even having a SEO friendly website and covering all the SEO good practices under the sun, still might not be enough to gain the stop spots within your field. The structuring of your main site pages and blog posts all play a big part too. Having your site load up fast, and making you 'below to fold' optimized for this is a huge deal. Where you call to actions are, and what you have on your sites footer, is again a huge deal. We will be able to offer you advice to better your users experience, resulting in less bounces and increased conversions. 
  • Content Review: Content is king! Search engines have stated that creating quality content is the best way to not only rank for keywords, but also create positive user experiences. Once your key-wording and navigational pages have been completed, and are 100% SEO ready, you'll need to focus on strong informative posts for your readers. These posts not just help build trust and respect from potential customers, but help increase authority through increased visits to your site. Content is also of the upmost importance when building quality back links to your site!. We know about content and how to get it out there. Let us look after yours too and see your page rank climb!

Benefits of SEO Consultation


The benefits to SEO are endless. If you truly want your online business to be here in five years, then you have limited other options. You can take it upon yourself, learn good SEO practices and spend many sleepless nights implementing them, or you can hire someone experienced to do it for you. But to ignore it completely is suicidal. And honestly, it is probably cheaper to hire an expert then pay for some useless online course and still not have the experience. Diving deep into SEO waters can be dangerous. Any activity that isn't approved by search engines will leave you with a penalty and do your online business more harm then good. 

But when SEO is conducted correctly, the rewards are clear to see. Running an SEO campaign is low cost (in comparison to adwords and PPC), definite increase in traffic, higher brand credibility, better ROI (Return On Investment), your competitors are doing it so you need to better them, Gain access to data, 60% of searchers click on the first organic spot when browsing. 

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